what is my risk?

When assessing your risk it’s important to think about how you would cope financially if any of the following scenarios happened to you:

if you need to have hospital treatment

If you or a member of your family required non urgent surgery would you want to get the treatment you need at a time and place of your choice? Would you be able to afford private treatment or would you have to join a waiting list and hope the public health system frees up in time to offer you treatment? How would you feel?

If you have Health Insurance you can get immediate treatment, surgery and care without being exposed to long waiting lists.

if you are too sick to work

If a serious injury or accident stopped you from working for the next couple of years or longer, what would be the financial consequences be? How long could you survive without income?

Income Protection provides you with a monthly benefit (based on a percentage of your income) if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

if you suffer a major health concern

How would you cope financially if you learned you had invasive cancer or some other critical illness. What if the prognosis was uncertain?

If you have Trauma Cover you can receive a lump sum at the time of diagnosis.

if you are never able to work again

What would happen to you if you were injured or disabled and could never return to work? What would you like to happen?

Income Protection provides you with a monthly benefit (based on a percentage of your income). Total Permanent Disability Cover provides pays a lump sum payment if you survive a major accident or illness but are unable to ever work again.

if you die or become terminally ill

What if the worst happened and you died or learned you were terminally ill with less than 12 months to live? What would the financial impact of this be on you and your family?

Life Insurance pays out a lump sum of death or diagnosis of a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live.