urban myths

There are a few urban myths about mortgage advisers that we don’t buy into.  We’re modern thinkers and believe in working smart.

Myth number 1 – face to face meetings are essential
Lots of our clients live outside the Wellington region.  Many live overseas.  So we’re experts at using smart technology and use email and phone a lot. For those living in Wellington like we do catching up in some of our iconic cafes is a great way to keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of interest rates. But don’t worry if you’re short on time or live elsewhere. Online applications, email, phone, Skype and other gizmos may lack the caffeine hit but they still deliver great results.

Myth number 2 – all mortgage advisers do home visits and meet clients after five
The only people we know who come to your home obligation free are not likely to be tertiary qualified professionals, but salespeople!  We appreciate how important your leisure and family time is (as ours is to us) so we don’t meet after five or on weekends. But you can call pretty much anytime for a chat and some awesome advice.

Myth number 3 – everything mortgage advisers do is free
Awesome mortgage advisers are self-employed tertiary qualified professionals – much like lawyers, accountants and the only asset they have is their expertise and time. Banks recognise their value add by paying to get new business on their books and when someone like us does work on their behalf.  But there are times when the advice and help we give you isn’t in the banks best interests.  Times like when we negotiate lower interest rates for you on your existing mortgage, or when we give advice about the how to repay your loan faster. Times like these means we may charge a fee for our expertise.  But here’s our commitment – we’ll always discuss this with you up front and confirm in writing. No surprises. Guaranteed.