DATE: 30/11/2015
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looking back and looking forward

Pohutukawa tree on the beach

What a massive year. It really has been awesome. We’re stoked to be heading into some well-earned, and eagerly anticipated, downtime.

What about you? Are you getting away, or saving your money to pay off your mortgage quicker? Whatever you do, make it count. It’s a cliché but it’s true, time is short. Too short, sometimes. Just ask Jonah Lomu’s widow, or anyone else who’s lost loved ones prematurely.

What counts for us, in business and in life, is making a difference. That and having fun. Okay, it’s not always fun. Sometimes it’s b***** stressful.

But work feels less like a slog when we get to help awesome people like you make your dreams come true. We’re lucky to have clients we’re proud to call friends. Of course the odd bottle of champers we’re sometimes sent, goes down a treat too.

But seriously, it’s so great to stay in touch and see so many dreams come true. We love the long-term relationships we’ve developed. Seeing people come from humble beginnings, starting off with one rental property, and over a very short time period building a property portfolio in excess of $4 million, is awesome.

It’s satisfying too, watching as clients’ families grow, or their circumstances change for the better, and helping them into new homes.

And I get a buzz helping people overcome obstacles. Like a ‘young’ man in his 50’s who was told he was too old to take out a 30-year mortgage. Really? Why? We all know life doesn’t come with guarantees. It was a pleasure to go into bat and get a fair result.

Being called the Prophet, or Interest Rate Guru, is testimony to my knack of getting interest rate predictions right. As one client said recently, “This is the fourth time in a row your interest rate advice was spot on. You’ve saved us thousands of dollars.”

Yes!! Nobody wants to pay a buck more than they have to.

an audacious move that definitely paid off

You’ve truly inspired us to make changes too. Living near Kerikeri on our lifestyle block, overlooking the magical Bay of Islands, is a dream that wouldn’t have come true were it not for you. It was an audacious move that definitely paid off.

“How will people feel if we’re based in the Winterless North”, we wondered. “Will they balk and walk if they can’t do business over a caffeine shot? What about the tie, the dark suit, the polished shoes? Will a T-shirt and shorts send the wrong message?”

I thought it could, but Cass, said, “Trust me. It’s what you do, the results you get, and the integrity you do it with, that attracts people to you, and keeps them coming back. That, and all those razor-sharp deals.”

(And yes, this really is the view from the office!)

a record-breaking year – the best yet

This financial year has been the biggest, most financially successful in my career as a mortgage expert. Thriving up North? It’s true! And best of all, I’ve still been able to pursue my passions. This year I’m on track to have helped Kiwi’s like you purchase in excess of $65 million dollars worth of property.

Some of the negotiations I’ve concluded while up a tree, butterfly net in one hand, iPhone in the other, while in Papua New Guinea. I’ve also helped people buy homes while I’ve been high in the mountains of war-torn Bougainville.

Then there were the mortgage negotiations made all the sweeter while I was swinging in a hammock in Fiji. But most of my help has been given while enjoying my own slice of paradise back home. I really do think the warmer climate has given me superpowers when it comes to getting the best outcomes for my clients.

Yip, there’s a myth in the mortgage industry, we’ve happily proved wrong, that you have to don a tie, work relentless nights and weekends, and invade peoples’ privacy by going to their homes.

By making positive changes in our lives, changes that better reflect how we want to live and work, we proved the research right. Happier people earn more money.

And Cassandra has been setting records too. In between co-captaining the Awesome Mortgages ship, her newly released book, Mid-Life Career Rescue became the hot new release on Amazon and shot to the #1 bestseller. If you’re sick of your job, or want to start planning for a better future, check it out. Change your life, before it’s too late. You can purchase it on Amazon here >>

And if you want, or need, to free yourself up to do the things you really want, we’re here to help. Like one of our clients, who plans to leverage off the equity in his home to open his own boutique brewery. Or others, who want to get on top of their mortgage and be debt-free quicker.

chase your dreams

As Cassandra’s book highlights, it’s not always about the money. It’s about quality of life – your health, your relationships, and your well-being. Yes, your time is limited, but your capacity to create your reality, your ability to chase your dreams, your nouse for setting goals and achieving them, is infinite.

But as you and I know, getting mortgage free quicker, and paying no more interest than you have to, opens the door to more freedom of choice.

I’m currently away for a week of R&R with my son Nick, who’s just finished 6th form at Wellington College. It’s father and son bonding time– which makes working hard even sweeter.

But, both Cassandra (who will be at the helm) and I wanted to wish you, and those close to you, a happy festive season.

Thanks again for your support.

2015 was amazing – together let’s make 2016 even more awesome.

Merry Christmas and safe holidays



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