insurance options

life cover

Life insurance pays out a lump sum or monthly payment on death or if you are diagnosed as terminally ill.  It protects the lifestyle and future of your family and loved ones by taking care of your mortgage and any other debt you may have and providing ongoing financial security and stability.


income protection

How would you cope if you could no longer earn an income? Along with your health, your ability to earn is probably your most valuable asset.  Income protection pays a monthly benefit if you are unable to work because of illness or injury.  New Zealand is unique in having ACC to help with accident related disability but the main reason for being unable to work long-term is because of illness (not covered by ACC) rather than accident.  Income protection provides certainty allowing you to remain financially independent while you concentrate on recovery.

mortgage protection

Mortgage protection covers your mortgage repayments if you are unable to work because of disability, redundancy or bankruptcy.  The amount of cover you take would normally equal the amount of your mortgage repayments.  The full benefit is paid regardless of any ACC payment you may receive in the event of an accident.

trauma cover

New Zealanders are suffering an increasing incidence of cancer and we still experience high levels of heart disease and stroke. With ongoing advances in medical science you have a greater chance of surviving a major trauma or illness such as cancer, heart disease and stroke.  Trauma cover pays a lump sum to help you to survive financially while you take the time you need to recover.  The money is yours to use as you choose – perhaps to pay off your mortgage, make alterations to your house to improve access and mobility, or to explore alternative treatments.

disability cover

Total Permanent Disability Cover provides pays a lump sum payment if you survive a major accident or illness but are unable to ever work again.

health insurance

Health insurance allows you to avoid long waiting lists to receive treatment, the freedom to select the best specialists and private hospitals in New Zealand and provides you with access to the latest medical procedures.  A good health insurance policy will pay for 100% of the costs of private hospital treatment.  It will also cover major diagnostic tests like MRI and CT Scans.