how do I arrange finance?

We’ve simplified the process of arranging finance into five easy steps. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way and ensure we explain in plain English everything you need to know:

step 1 – getting to know your needs
Understanding your goals and aspirations and the things which make your individual situation unique.

step 2 – crunching the numbers and options
Researching all the choices and tailoring specific strategies to best meet your unique needs.

step 3 – wowing you with expertise
Providing you with advice and written recommendations. (Recommendations always come in writing as you’d expect nothing less from other trusted advisers such as your accountant or lawyer!)

step 4 – doing the donkey work
Arranging for example your home loan pre-approval, negotiating better terms or interest rates with your existing bank or giving advice on how to restructure your existing mortgage. We’ll take care of all the paperwork from start to finish and liaise with other professionals you’re working with such as your lawyer, valuer or accountant.

step 5 – making sure you’re happy
We’ll regularly review how things are going to ensure everything is working superbly.