why we’re awesome!

can see the passion & dedication

I haven’t seen anyone explaining the mortgage/insurance process in detail like you. Didn’t feel like dealing with a businessman, can see the passion & dedication in your work. You will always be our first point of contact for any financial related matters. Definitely would recommend you to anyone asking for a financial advisor.
Raja and Geetha

a dream result

Having to deal with you and just you has been a dream result for us, I’ve already recommended you to another two people. You really took the complexity out of it and helped us understand the process and we really felt like you were working for us. We’re delighted to be in our new home and can just see so much potential!! We’ll certainly be coming to you again – thank you for all your help.
Claire and Scottie ~ Project Manager and Carpenter

rabid when it comes to negotiating with the banks

I’ve had such a great experience with Laurie and Awesome Mortgages, having completed on my house in January. I literally could not have done it without Laurie. While the terms and structure of the right loan from the right lender are important, Laurie really shone when I shared my story, status and life plans, because he helped me make something work that I really didn’t think was neither possible nor affordable. Not to mention he is rabid when it comes to negotiating with the banks to get you the best options on the table.
Niloy R. ~ Product Director

he really is the best in the business

We couldn’t recommend Laurie Wills more highly. Laurie has been with us every step of the way as a trusted advisor and advocate. Laurie takes the time to understand what you want and need and comes up with a customised solution that fits you perfectly. It’s hard to know who to trust when you are making such an important investment. Laurie’s advice is impartial, he is on your team and committed to going above and beyond. I have spent a good chunk of my career working in the financial services industry and I can tell you, he really is the best in the business. Plus, the relationship is ongoing, we look forward to working with him over the next few years while we pay off this monster loan (with razor-sharp rates).
Rachel Garrett and Tim G. ~ Customer Support Manager and Web Manager

great rates, large cash contribution and very easy

Thanks a lot for your help with getting the great rates, large cash contribution and overall making the process very easy. The only hard work was making ourselves available to sign the solicitor’s papers (it would be great if banks would allow this by email in the future!). Other than that the process has been stress-free. Thanks for keeping on top of everything and keeping us up to date. We will certainly recommend you to people we know.
Jon and Vicki L. ~ Process Development Engineer and Teacher

stress-free and the best offer on the market

I found the level of service offered by Laurie and his team at Awesome Mortgages exceptional. By embracing modern technology Laurie proved he could work from anywhere in New Zealand  (or in one instance PNG) at any hour to ensure the finance side of purchasing a house was not only stress-free but also the best offer on the market.  Given their experience and high level of advice offered as our property portfolio grows I consider Awesome Mortgages to be a key part of the process and would recommend to anyone.
Brendon and Kate ~ Senior Partner and Health Advisor

I can’t beat the offers he gets

I can tell you that I can thoroughly recommend Laurie. I’ve experienced a couple of mortgage brokers in my time, and I would not be saying the same thing about the other guy. I’ve also tried my hand at negotiating the rate myself, and I can’t beat the offers he gets.

Neither can I beat his predictions on future rates which makes me feel like a bad economist.
Carsten S. ~ Senior Economist

unparalleled knowledge into the bank mortgage industry

Awesome Mortgages took over the mortgage pre-approval process with the various banks which helped significantly to ease the stress in the property purchase. Laurie had unparalleled knowledge of the bank mortgage industry and his accurate forecasts on where the market was going to go helped to secure me the sharpest mortgage financing for my first home.

Everything was done at a distance, via phone and email, which was really convenient. Will definitely be recommending Awesome Mortgages to all my friends and family.
David L. ~ Process Development Engineer

consistently excellent

We have bought two houses now with the assistance of Laurie over the past seven years as well as refinancing a few times between. We have found him to be consistently excellent and has never failed to get us a competitive deal that seemed to defy the odds.

The level of service provided is always prompt, proactive and we are always left with the feeling that he understands our needs and works then to exceed our expectations. Friendly, supportive and always willing to stop and advise and answer questions we cannot recommend Awesome Mortgages highly enough.
Ben and Harriet ~ Real Estate Agent and Lawyer

awesome mortgages by an awesome team

I’ve recently had the experience of refinancing my family home through Laurie Wills of Awesome Mortgages. Being in the business of commercial property investment. Over many years I’ve had involvement in numerous financing and refinancing packages. This at times can be quite a hair raising experience meeting deadlines, dealing with banks and people you usually don’t know. Laurie in his professional manner takes all this away and the operation just becomes a simple easy transaction.

On top of all that Laurie also came back with a couple of proposals which way exceeded my expectations and on terms far more favourable than I would have ever expected if I had carried out the procedure myself. It’s all down to Awesome Mortgages and Laurie Wills’ relaxed persona of “leave it to us, we can do” attitude.
Graham P. ~ Company Director and Property Investor


Thank yooooooouuuuuu!!!  Unbelievable. When I talked to you two weeks ago I never dreamt we would be in a position to offer on this place let alone to actually buy it. As I’ve said before it is totally thanks to you. We are very aware of that 🙂 Thanks a billion, xx
Ali T. ~ Freelance Illustrator

talked out of a very costly interest fixing position

Thanks to the dude at awesome mortgages I was talked out of a very costly interest fixing position. About 2 years ago other advisers were suggesting to fix for 3 years at 6.25%. Since then I’ve floated at 5. I would have been out of pocket by more than $120k over the last two years had I not listened.
Peter C. ~ Property Investor/Developer

it’s working brilliantly

Thanks heaps for your advice earlier in the year. We love our revolving credit facility. It’s working brilliantly for us, and we’ve managed to reduce our loan to a level where we’re saving a heck of a lot more than a bottle of wine a day.
Sarah T. & Rolf L. ~ Lawyer and IT Guru

awesome mortgage – really appreciated!

Thank you so much for helping us get an awesome mortgage. We really appreciated your honesty, availability and willingness to talk to us whenever we were unsure of the next step. We really appreciated how you kept us informed of the process and all developments along the way. We will definitely be suggesting you to our friends and family when they purchase a property.
Don and Erica H. ~ Conservation Ranger and Programme Coordinator