DATE: 10/06/2016
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changing lives: from tenant to first home buyer

Piers and Loren It was such a pleasure to help this lovely young family purchase their first home. We were pretty stoked to receive the lovely story below and to hear how what we were able to do for them changed their lives.

Read, in their own words, how important it is to make the right steps, talk to the right professionals, and maintain your vision and dream that one day you too will have a place of your own to call home.

“We are a family of three living in Hawera, South Taranaki. Myself (Piers) my fiancé Loren and our son Odin. We also have a wee French bulldog crossed with a toy poodle called Ruby and a cat named Sooty whom we inherited from my late grandmother.

We have been renting in Hawera for over three years now. Recently, when looking to change rentals, we decided to explore the option of buying.

Renting has been tough, we have been on relatively low income for the past few years so have been renting at the lower end of the market. What that equated to was an older home, high ceilings, no insulation or heating, mould throughout the house, a kitchen you can barely fit one person in and to put it politely a house that was barely liveable. We were constantly sick during the winter season which meant our son was missing days at day-care throughout.

I finally got myself into a job on a reasonable income, not high income by any means but certainly enough that we were able to clear our debt and consider a move of house. Whilst looking at rentals online and getting depressed about the lack of options, Loren and I on a whim thought we would look at properties for sale.

We suddenly saw this whole other world of home ownership, which initially didn’t seem too far out of reach. Looking at the basic mortgage calculators we discovered that payments on a home, better than we had ever dreamed of living in, were less than we were looking to pay in rent. It also dawned on us that when renting, we were paying someone else’s mortgage, rates, insurance and a bit extra each week, contributing to their future rather than our own.

So off to the bank we went to talk about our options for mortgages and buying. We were soon crushed as the bank basically laughed us out the door. Ready to give up on the dream we were contacted by my sister and my brother-in-law, recommending that we talk to Laurie Wills at Awesome Mortgages, they told us “he can work miracles”.

Basing our judgement on the reception we received at the bank our hopes were not high. Laurie made contact with us, he listened to our stories and why owning a home was important to us.

This was what set Laurie apart from the rest, right from the first contact. He was not just interested in our income but also our personal stories, circumstances and why we wanted to buy.

Laurie understood how each individual lender operated and the criteria’s they looked to fulfil. He was able to suggest a strategy based on which lender he thought our chances were best with. He advised us on what we would need in terms of a deposit and with help from our families we were able to give Laurie the go-ahead to move forward in trying to secure finance for us.

What an Awesome result we got, in just over a week Laurie came back to us and delivered the good news that he had secured us finance, enough to purchase the home we wanted.

Furthermore it was at incredibly low rates and the whole package he negotiated for us was very affordable. Laurie kept us informed the whole way, phoning us as any issues arose and giving advice on how best to resolve them.

We never believed he would get us across the line, but, I can truly say Laurie acted with our best interests at heart and really went the extra mile because he understood how much this could change our lives for the better. I do not believe there are many others out there that would have been able to achieve the same result, nor, invested their time into helping us.

We are now soon to move into our new home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, heating, floor and ceiling insulation, full fencing and with wonderful outdoor areas. The future we are now building is our own and we could not have done it without Laurie’s help.

To all those looking to buy I recommend you speak to Laurie, he is straight-up and will tell you exactly where you stand and provide you with the best advice. He acts with a personal touch and has a real social interest in helping people get into a home and having a secure future.”

Here’s a few tips to help all you aspiring first home buyers make your dream of home ownership come true:

  • Do the math—use online mortgage repayment calculators to work out what you may be able to afford
  • Reduce debts—this will help banks say ‘yes’
  • Look for ways to increase income – cashflow is king!
  • Maintain a healthy credit record—no one wants to lend money to someone who has a record of defaulting
  • Ask for help—family members and other people who care about your dream of home ownership may be able to help. If not financially, they may be able to connect you with the right people
  • Work with experienced, objective professionals who take the time to know you
  • Never give up on your dreams! With planning, perseverance and the right connections, they can come true 🙂

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